How to feel more alive in just one minute

‘Could haves’ and ‘should haves’ hold you back from living your one precious life more fully. Unnecessary baggage that weighs you down.

“Regret is the thing you should fear most. Not failure. Not even ridicule. For it is regret that weighs you down.” Linda Holt.

In just one minute you could feel more alive and energised by simply picking up a glass of water in your strongest hand.

Go on. How would feeling really alive make a difference to you today?

Simply pick up a glass of water.

Now hold out the glass at shoulder height and, with a straight arm, read on.

  • Neither you or I can change the past
  • You have choice

Continue to hold your arm out straight at shoulder height. Watch the clock and countdown for just one more minute.

Now read on.

When you first picked up the glass it was effortless. As time is passing, the weight of it grows and grows, until putting it down is all you can think of. [Just keep it there for 30 seconds more].

It’s the same as regret. The longer you carry it, the more you are weighed down (consciously or unconsciously) by ‘could haves’ and ‘should haves’.

Imagine the glass of water contains your regrets. Now simply put the glass down.

Notice how you feel. How does your arm feel? How much freer is your thinking?

Neither you or I can change the past. Choose to put down the weight of your regret, free your headspace to open up more choices and feel more alive right now, moving forward with your one precious life.

To your success


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