I started using Angela for some business coaching in early 2013 and I have been really pleased with the results achieved to date.

Angela has helped me to gain new focus and given me tools that have helped my confidence in dealing with difficult issues and this has been observed by work colleagues.

I would highly recommend Angela to any business owner that wants to take the next step in progression.

Lisa Potter, Lambert Champan LLP

Angela is excellent at listening and responding accordingly. Working with us on our strategic plan she has given us a structured approach to transition the business, unlocking the value in the region of another £300,000.

Mike Stevens - Director, Praxis 42 Ltd.

Coaching with Angela has enabled me to lead and manage, overcome my biggest barriers to letting go, move out of the doing and operate at a strategic level.

Sharing control and trusting others has seen my team really flourish with several colleagues commenting positively on their confidence and personal growth. They now lead in meetings without my involvement providing me with the pertinent information to make sure I maintain an overview.

For anyone thinking about leadership coaching with Angela, I would encourage you to be open and honest with yourself and with Angela and in return you’ll have the confidence to explore and deal with the real issues in a trusting partnership.

Stuart Williams, Kier Group

Angela is an authentic professional leadership coach, an adaptive leader who really cares about you as a person. She has excellent communication skills with the ability to help a creative visual learner like me build a structure to develop my business goals.

With the gift of combining her extensive business experience, leadership coaching, deep listening and powerful questions, Angela has supported me to exceed my objectives. As a person she is professional, trustworthy, has high personal standards, and is non-judgmental, honest and full of fun. My experience of being coached by Angela has been truly transformational.

Brenda Van Rossum

Angela provided support which was invaluable in helping me to act with confidence. I would recommend Angela without hesitation to anyone wanting to develop themselves and the organisations they lead.

Leah Kurta, The Mix

Angela is a very supportive and professional coach and within four months of starting a new role in a new country, working with Angela once per month has enabled me to apply a range of leadership behaviours and management techniques to grow a highly productive, fully enabled and empowered team.

In linking our discussions to situations in my day-to-day work, Angela’s coaching has assisted me to explore and solve my own challenges so that I can use the learning in all situations. I have also learnt whilst it may be easier to provide solutions for team members who have problems to solve, questioning and supporting my team to find their own solutions, in the same way that Angela has done for me, has grown their confidence and cohesion as a team and is the more beneficial way of working.  

Sokhna Ndiaye - Deputy County Director, Operations Support, Plan International, Niger