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Inspiring Leaders

Have you ever tried learning to ride a bike from reading a book? Knowing and doing are very different. Knowledge can be taught but ability needs experiential learning through doing, reflecting and growing self-awareness.

Learning needs to be applied to your own practical, real-life context. Creating learning experiences therefore requires facilitation by a skilled coach able to grow the person, their skills and knowledge, trust and productive behaviours.

That’s why I coach rather than train you or tell you what to do and how to do it.

Coaching uses open questions and gets you to think. I shape questions given your goals, my experience of both business and enabling shifts in behaviour, giving sharp focus and fast learning.

Working side by side from where you are right now, growing your skills, sharing my knowledge and experience for your best benefit, together we grow you as a leader who grows leaders.

1 to 1 leadership coaching

Your business must consistently and reliably deliver your unique difference to stay ahead – and when you do, you need to keep up with demand!

As an ambitious leader, the key to personal growth lies within your control.  It’s essential that you have the ability and confidence to share control and decisions with your team. The alternative is that you are a bottle-neck, stuck in a cycle of stress, busyness and mounting dissatisfaction that spreads to almost everything in your life. After all, if you’re not confident in your role as a leader, how will your team be confident and motivated?

My 1 to 1 leadership coaching enables you to shift your mindset, grow your confidence, increase your perspective, tune into others and develop your skills as a leader. Once you have achieved this you’ll be the positive influencer that your business and team needs to succeed further.

Being a facilitator of a collaborative team who work together and solve their own problems is a healthy, resilient business worth Four Times More® in value.

The results are immediately evident:

After just four 1 to 1 conversations with Angela, my communication and actions now achieve even more positive results. I’ve learned that I influence more through actively listening, than through telling or commanding.

My actions have now subtlety shifted and I have built relationships of even higher trust. The outcome is that the team now consistently deliver because they want to, they collaborate well and are motivated to achieve a common goal.

Leadership Coaching with Angela has given me the opportunity to reflect and to see myself more clearly. I have sharper focus on my strengths and with greater self-awareness can make a conscious choice to act and behave in ways that move me forward the most.

David Grey - formerly Projects Director at CBRE Norland, now MD - GW Franklin Ltd.

Group Coaching and Facilitation

When you have a team of people who, for a variety of reasons, are not as engaged or accountable as they could be, or where time and energy is sucked out the business by internal conflict or inertia, it can be hard to know where to start.

Group coaching and facilitation with your board, in-house team or with the support of like-minded individuals in the Four Times More® Mastermind Group will help you to realise your ambitions, motivate your team, achieve higher, sustainable profit and grow a more fulfilling workplace.

Skilled at facilitating open relationships of trust, I support you to grow as leaders and cultivate clean, honest and smooth communication throughout your business based on shared values and principles that grow a strong culture of teamwork.

You have delivered in a day what has taken me over 5 years to fail at doing – getting the Directors to see that they can let go.

Keith Paxman - MD, Praxis 42 ltd

Emerging Leaders

Four words which encapsulate the development of the next generation of leaders.

It is important to instil a growth mindset in your team at every level, paving the way for the business to work independently of you.

My emerging leaders groups do exactly that. Together we support, develop and inspire your growth as a positive leader, confident to take responsibility and positively influence those around you to work as a team and be, and achieve their best.

For passionate emerging leaders, ambitious for themselves and their businesses, with an open and enquiring mind willing to share and learn from each other, the three types of emerging leaders programmes are for:

  • in-house groups from the same organisation
  • new leaders from mixed businesses with limited experience of managing teams
  • Directors in training in readiness to lead the business with a seat on the board.

For SMEs MDs, please see the Four Times More® Mastermind Group

I’ve attended many personal development programmes and tend to go in with a healthy scepticism as to how I will benefit. The programme was the most enjoyable that I’ve been on. It was a journey of self-discovery that made me step back and help me to realise that the actions I take have consequences for those around me. It empowered me with the ability to read situations better in order for me to achieve beneficial outcomes. Angela flexed the course dependent on our needs, which made it even more useful and relevant. It really opened us up as people and gelled us as a team.

Richard Adams