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Growing Business

The most successful business growth is achieved when you:

A business with £0.5m adjusted profit on the bottom line is worth £0.6m before Four Times More® and £2.8m after. That’s £2.2m, or Four Times More® when everyone and everything works together in the same directions independently of you*.

* The business valuation when the business is dependent on the owner is 1 – 1.5 times adjusted profit and 5.7 when the business is independent of the owner. Source UK200 Group of Accountants – SME business Valuation Report November 2016.

The above is simple on paper, not as easy to do in practice, especially on your own. Here’s how I help my clients at any or every stage of the journey above.

Business Strategy

Building a robust, flexible plan to overcome barriers and unlock the untapped potential in your business will keep you moving towards the end goal. It will help you to sustain profit during growth and be agile to the variety of routes that will get you to the same destination.

I work with you to create strategies that not only achieve successful growth, but give you energy and confidence to take positive action.

The key is getting to know you, your aspirations and getting under the skin of your business. Blend this with years of proven expertise and a simple framework, we have the perfect framework to create a tailor-made strategy that takes you in the same direction as your key goals.

Angela is excellent at listening and responding accordingly. Working with us on our strategic plan she has given us a structured approach to transition the business, unlocking the value in the region of another £300,000 – a return on investment of over 8000%.
Mike Stevens - Director

The Four Times More® Mastermind Group

Fast track your business and leadership growth with the Four Times More® Mastermind Group for ambitious SME businesses owners / MDs with five or more employees who are willing to unlock their thinking and shift and align their actions.

Enabling a business to work independently of you means that it is worth four times more money on average. The mastermind group will enable you to take an unbiased look at your business, grow your confidence and expertise to take a step back, and support you and your business to grow both the bottom line and valuation on exit.

Harnessing the power of a dynamic group of high calibre leaders from non-competing businesses, Four Times More® enables participants to learn from and with each other as well as have one to one support mid-month for personalised, specific focus.

The Four Times More® Mastermind is my own product, developed from what I know works in practice. It challenges, pools collective intelligence and supports and drives you to take the right action to meet your unique business aspirations – definitely not ‘one size fits all’.

Supporting you to identify the personalised actions with the greatest impact, to hold yourself accountable for delivering on your own commitments and to unlock the full potential in your business and achieve financial freedom and choice much quicker than you could alone.

In-house business & leadership coaching

I pride myself on my unique approach to coaching combining both business and behavioural expertise in one. My robust business acumen combined with my understanding of behaviour, group dynamics and emotional intelligence enables you to grow both profitable relationships and business.

Working across a spectrum of sectors, including construction, communications, creative, retail and professional services, I take time to develop strong, trusted partnerships with you. The trust and knowledge that I freely share supports you to make big strides in your personal and professional development, widen your positive influence on all relationships and inspire and accelerate the development of both your people and your business.

Support to deliver profitable change

One of the most crucial parts of my work is supporting you to deliver profitable change in line with your business strategy.

Informing, engaging and enabling your team to get on board and embedding positive change through simplicity and transparency ensures that your changes deliver lasting, tangible results.

Our work with Angela involved the entire team and allowed us to talk in an open format about work issues without tension. I have some key points to take to everyday work and life.
Phil Howard, Frank Howard Tools and Fixings Ltd